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"Menagerie" Released on Spotify and Apple Music.

Been a long time coming but it's here.

In the summer of 2022, I was watching the credits of a tv show filmed in Chicago. For some reason as the skyline appeared, I typed out all the lyrics to the song “Menagerie” into my notes app. I picked up my guitar and almost immediately played out the arrangement (not saying much since it’s the same thing all the way through). In typical fashion when one of us comes up with a song idea, I recorded it on my phone and sent it to Eric. A couple weeks later, he sent me back the song with his musical brilliance added, including some of my favorite lead guitar I’ve heard him play in the 22 years we’ve been collaborating. His added backline fleshed out a sketch of a song which we both knew was a keeper and way outside the typical CUBANSTACK wheelhouse.

In mid July when the deuces were wild, a few more songs emerged. Eric and I worked on these tunes together in his Denver studio in November of 2022 - wrote 2 more, and solicited the deft touch of none other than Tori Pater to help tie the music together with some keys and arrangement ideas, and indispensable humor (an ode to bunnyburners). After months of Eric’s tireless knob turning and expert producer ear (yes, he engineered and mixed this), we sent the mixes off to be mastered by Jon Neufeld. And for your listening pleasure, here are these tracks.

These songs are stories, a snapshot - of dreams, of living, loving and losing - and a little winning, of social issues plaguing us now, and even some from the past - even a tree in Montana. And candid tales that have helped to shape us in ways we didn’t know we needed.

Above all, there’s no bullshit in these songs. I guess that’s because neither Eric or I believe in bullshitting anyone with our art. We’re true to our nature…

We’d like to thank anyone who chooses to listen to this and all those who have supported our musical efforts as CUBANSTACK, solo artists, or in Eric’s case -as a member of Bloodkin, the Dytry Byrds, and the Jackmormons. We’re particularly grateful to Jason Woodle, Tom White, and Chris “Mik” Mikula for their love and support as OG members of CUBANSTACK.

- Josh

Thanks also to:

Sarah Martinez for…well, a lot.

Eric Carter and Bloodkin.

The late Danny Hutchens for his role in the song “316.”

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons

Scott McManus for the album art.

Carol Spagnuola for photography.

Mario Pagliorulo for bass on “The Game.”

Tony and Kathleen

Rodney Apple


All words and music by Eric Martinez and Josh Stack.

The EP was recorded, mixed, and produced by Eric Martinez.

Mastered by Jon Neufeld at Treehouse Studios

Josh Stack, vocals, acoustic and electric guitar

Eric Martinez, bass, drums, vocals, acoustic and electric guitar

Tori Pater, Keys

Mario Pagliarulo, Bass

Ursula, RBG Kitty, and Baxter, inspiration and purrs

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